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Becomes AOMO

Sivichai  Udomvoranun, Principle,

Graduated from Chulalongkorn Univerisity with B.Arch in 1993 and M.Arch in 1999.  Experienced in working in the US for over 6 years in Seattle, Washington with Carlson architect and Miller/Hull Partnership (AIA national firm of the year award 2003).

2005-2014 joined A49, Thailand leading architecture firm.

AOMO was founded in 2014. As a designer, he was profoundly influenced by both tropical architecture from SE Asia and Modernism from the West.

The firm philosophy is to create simple and yet sophisticated architecture.

"Simple is Bold"

           We believe that simple architecture design can last longer with less maintenance and will last over time. 


"Clear but Loud"

           Architecture should not be overstated on building geometries but shall be fitted in with urban context, environment, and users.

"Dream maker"

           We value our clients' need, so we are not pushing our personal style or preference. We try to select the clients that understand us and have the same direction, so we all are happy and enjoy the process.

"Never stop pursuing"

           We always make ourselves hungry and foolish, so we keep motivate ourselves to learn and explore new technology, materials and design thoughts.

The Studio

We design every building types from houses, hospitality, and commercial projects. Our team focuses on the process to ensure that the final results are nothing less than perfect spaces for our clients. We carefully design from simple to sophisticated details that will last through time.  We value the people we work with.  We make sure that clients' budget is carefully spent.  

We truly believe that simple and sophisticated design can make a bigger design statement. 


Respect, honesty, compassion and professionalism guide us in our day-to-day work. We try to create something new for our clients since we understand  that no one wants to be like others.


Our Design Process

Program from the clients are one of the most crucial part of our design process. Sometimes there are no detailed brief but we help the clients to build the program through discussion and workshop to find the best suit for them.

We carefully listen to  the clients' needs and sensible to the site of the projects. Many times, the design inspiration comes from site investigation process.

Brainstorming and discussion are always a must to bring all the ideas and imaginations in any possible ways to design each project.

We communicate ideas by hand sketches, computer renderings, and model making to help our clients understand spaces and designs.

Our Team members



Sivichai  Udomvoranun 


Kumpee  Charoensook  





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Interior Designers


Ratchada  Kijpan


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Admin and Support

Duangporn Saelee

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